Unit Application Requirements Development

The workshop “Development of Unit Application Needs” was held on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, which was attended by representatives of each TUJ Unit. Today’s workshop was held with the aim of providing socialization to all units related to the newly developed application by the DTI Unit, namely SILo (Sistem Informasi Logistik)). SILo is a web-based application that can be used by TUJ employees who will borrow facilities available at TUJ such as vehicles, rooms for meetings to zoom applications. The development of the SILo application aims to monitor and simplify the process of borrowing available facilities. Another goal is to reduce misinformation and communication that can occur between employees.

Workshop activities were carried out online (online) and offline (offline) which were opened by the Head of the DTI Unit, Father Seandy Arandiant Rozano, S.T and continued with material related to the SILo application by DTI Unit staff, Mega Lestari who explained the features available in the SILo application. To provide a clearer picture of the use of the application, an application demo was conducted which was directed directly by Sofyan Hadi Hidayat, one of the SILo application developers.

After the presentation of the material and the application demo, there were several inputs from several employees regarding the provisions and requirements of the SILo application, such as the need to add a maximum asset capacity of 10 and other inputs, all inputs and suggestions are of course taken into account and are expected to be developed again in the SILo application.

At today’s workshop, an open discussion was also held regarding the application needs of each unit to help and facilitate the business processes that take place at TUJ. In this session, each unit conveyed the unrest experienced and provided an overview of the application needed, all input from each unit was accommodated to be taken into consideration in developing the application. The development of this application is expected to be realized in 2024.

With the socialization of this application development, it is hoped that all employees can understand how the SILo application works and can use it to facilitate borrowing of available facilities.

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