Several advantages of Telkom University Jakarta

PTS pertama di Indonesia dengan akreditasi Unggul. 50 Program Studi sukses mencerminkan komitmen pendidikan berkualitas dan dengan keunggulan standar akademik tinggi.

Superior Accreditation

Telkom University succeeded in achieving Superior accreditation, and became the first Private Higher Education (PTS)
in Indonesia to achieve Superior accreditation. The meaning of Superior accreditation itself is
that when a university succeeds in obtaining superior accreditation, it can be said that
the university is very good regarding its achievements and has exceeded
the National Standards for Higher Education in Indonesia.

UI Green Metric

Telkom University has succeeded in achieving the prestigious ranking as the 9th greenest campus in Indonesia
and is in 123rd position in the world in the UI GreenMetric World University
2020 ranking. UI GreenMetric is a UI innovation that is widely known
internationally as the first ranking of universities in the world based on high commitment
in managing the campus environment. The UI GreenMetric 2020 assessment is based on three
pillars, namely Environment, Economy and Social with weighted assessment indicators consisting of
of Campus Condition and Infrastructure (15 percent), Energy and Climate Change (21 percent),
Waste Management (18 percent), Use Water (10 percent), Transportation (18 percent), and
Education and Research (18 percent).

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