10 Student Activity Units

Art and culture

Not only focusing on academic activities, Telkom University Jakarta Campus also encourages students to be active in non-academic activities. Telkom University Jakarta Campus facilitates students to be active in activities through the Student Activity Unit (UKM). The Student Activities Unit is an organization under the auspices of the Directorate of Student Affairs whose members are students with similar interests and hobbies. This Student Activities Unit is a forum for students to carry out non-academic activities to develop talents and potential according to the students’ abilities. Apart from that, this Student Activity Unit can also help students socialize and gain experience. There are 10 UKM that Telkom University Jakarta Campus students can participate in, as follows:

  1. Language Club
  2. Lensa
  3. E-Sport
  4. Paduan Suara (Choir)
  5. Ikatan Mahasiswa Muslim Muslimah (IMMA) (Muslim Student Association)
  6. Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen (PMK) (Christian Student Fellowship)
  7. Basketball
  8. Futsal
  9. Badminton
  10. Pecinta Alam (Nature lovers)
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