Visi, Misi, Dan Tujuan

Universitas Telkom

Become a research and entrepreneurial university in 2023, which plays an active role in the development of information technology-based technology, science and arts

Visi Telkom University Kampus Jakarta
Misi Telkom University Kampus Jakarta
  • Organizing and developing international standard education based on information technology.
  • Develop, disseminate and apply internationally recognized technology, science and art.
  • Utilizing technology, science and art for the welfare and progress of the nation’s civilization through developing entrepreneurial competencies.
  • Achieving trust from all stakeholders.
  • Producing graduates who have global competitiveness.
  • Creation of a multidisciplinary research culture and an international standard cross-cultural academic atmosphere.
  • Producing innovative products that are useful in improving people’s quality of life and supporting national economic development through developing an entrepreneurial culture.
Tujuan Telkom University Kampus Jakarta

Tel-U’s cultural winning practice is HEI which also acts as the key to institutional cultural behavior at Telkom University. HEI is a noble value that stands for harmony, excellence and integrity

Commitment based on the principles of trust, togetherness, cooperation, mutual respect for differences, harmony and the desire to carry out actions that bring goodness to oneself and others.

Telkom University menanamkan nilai Harmony sebagai wujud komitmen
Telkom University menanamkan nilai Harmony sebagai wujud komitmen

The ability to use knowledge, skills and attitudes in completing every job and task with the best quality for oneself and the environment.

Always maintain one’s attitude following applicable norms and ethics by maintaining good relationships with other people, being honest, trustworthy, independent, keeping promises, obeying, and upholding the truth.

Telkom University menanamkan nilai Harmony sebagai perwujudan kualitas kerja
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