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Towards a New World: Farewell Parties and Graduations Full of Memories

Stepping into a New World: Farewell Parties and Graduations Full of Memories Every goodbye is the beginning of a new adventure. Likewise, with the farewell, Telkom University Jakarta D3 Telecommunications Engineering students held a lively farewell party and a graduation procession full of symbols. Farewell parties are a moment to celebrate togetherness, reminisce about shared [...]
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rekrutmen dosen 2023


RECRUITMENT OF PERMANENT LECTURER, PRACTITIONERS AND EXTRAORDINARY TELKOM UNIVERSITY JAKARTA 2023 Telkom University Jakarta again opens lecturer vacancies! Find more requirements and information here. Soon to be part of our dynamic and innovative team! GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR LECTURER RECRUITMENT: Indonesian citizens Linear Bachelor's-Master's Education Doctoral graduates are in high demand Have a minimum English proficiency [...]
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Global Webinar V.2: Iot For Societal Good

Global Webinar V.2: Iot For Societal Good IoT For Societal Good is a global webinar event held online by 2 study program units, namely the Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering study program and the Bachelor of Information Systems study program at Telkom University Jakarta which is overseen by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty […]

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Student Won 2 Gold Medals in the National Student Science Olympiad

Students Winning 2 OSSN Gold Medals (National Student Science Olympiad) The National Science Championship Center (Puskanas.id) which is supported by the Berlian Hati Mulia Foundation held OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad). This national level Olympic event will be held online from May-June 2023 and can be participated in by various levels of education starting from […]

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