Development of Network Technology

In general, a network is one of the current communication tools that we use every day, with several device components such as computers, laptops, cellphones, switches, routers, servers and access points to be able to connect to each other. Network systems can be connected using cables or wirelessly. Technology is developing very rapidly every day. The development of network technology in everyday life is very useful for working and communicating long distances such as telephones, laptops, PCs and so on. Which has a positive impact and makes work easier in everyday life.


The following are various types of network technology………

1. Access Point

Access points are one of the most important tools for creating a network. The definition of an access point is computer network hardware that connects wireless devices (without cables) with a local network using technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless, and so on. Access points are also often called wireless local area networks (WLAN).

network technology access point

2. Switch

A switch is a very important network component used to connect computers or routers in a limited area, which is used as a data bridge, often called a port bridge, so a switch is a network component whose job is to connect several computer devices.

network technology switches

3. Router

Routers are also an important component in building a network. Routers also function to transmit data packets from the internet network to other devices through the routing process. Routers can also connect local networks to DSL (digital subscriber line) connections. Usually, a DSL router is also useful as a firewall or protecting data to increase cyber security so that the internet network is safer. That way, the router can function to block suspicious data traffic and prevent broadcast storms which make network performance slow.

network technology router`

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