Global Webinar V.2: Iot For Societal Good

IoT For Societal Good is a global webinar event held online by 2 study program units, namely the Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering study program and the Bachelor of Information Systems study program at Telkom University Jakarta which is overseen by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Industrial Engineering on Saturday, July 29 2023.

This event was attended by Dr. Levy Olivia Nur S.T., M.T. (Deputy Dean 1 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Kamelia, S.T., M.Sc, Ph.D (Head of the Telecommunication Engineering Undergraduate Study Program) and Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, M.T. (Director of Telkom University Jakarta). In this webinar, the first two speakers were presented, namely Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail (Professor – Communications Engineering, University Putra Malaysia) and the second resource person, Ir. Fadli Hamsani (GM Enterprise Solution Management – Telkomsel).

Global Webinar V.2: Iot For Societal Good
Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, M.T. and Dr. Levy Olivia Nur S.T., M.T.

Dalam sambutanya Direktur Telkom University Jakarta bapak Dr. Ir. Agus Achmad Suhendra, M.T., menyampaikan bahwa acara webinar kali ini merupakan sebuah Kerjasama yang baik antara dua fakultas yang berbeda yaitu Fakultas Teknik Elektro (FTE) dan Fakultas Rekayasa Industri (FRI) ini adalah wujud dari budaya Harmoni didalam bingkai Telkom University. In accordance with the theme IoT For Societal Good, this is an interesting and relevant theme related to the context of the industrial era 4.0 where one of the technologies that supports industry 4.0 is IoT (Internet of Things) and currently we are also in the era of Society 5.0 where the whole society It is connected to all digital services which can be easily accessed via smartphone.

Next, Deputy Dean 1 of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mrs. Dr. Levy Olivia Nur S.T., M.T. said that attending this event could be a place to increase knowledge and develop soft skills for students in the IoT field.

Entering the main event is the presentation of material from Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail as Professor – Communication Engineering, University Putra Malaysia who explained about “Wearable Antenna For Well-Being”. In this increasingly advanced digital era, antenna technology has developed rapidly and has had a positive impact on various aspects of human life, including in the health sector, showing potential in supporting human health. We can create a remote health monitoring system, which allows patients to monitor their health conditions in real-time and provide accurate medical data to healthcare professionals.

Global Webinar V.2: IoT For Societal Good Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail & Prof. Dr. Alyani Ismail

Next, the second speaker was Ir. Fadli Hamsani as GM Enterprise Solution Management – Telkomsel explained about “IoT: Implementation & Use Cases in Industry”. IoT (Internet of Things) has revolutionized the industry with its wide implementation and diverse use cases. The integration of connected devices, sensors, and data analysis has enabled companies to optimize operations, and increase efficiency. In various sectors, IoT is facilitating the predictive maintenance industry by monitoring equipment health in real time, reducing downtime and costs. As industries continue to embrace IoT, the potential for innovation and transformation across sectors remains limitless.

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