The workshop activity “Design Thinking for Everything”, which was held as a community service at SMKN 1 Cimahi, was designed to educate students and accompanying teachers regarding the basic theory of design thinking. The activity will be carried out for 2 days, starting from 31 July – 1 August 2023. On the first day, it started with the provision of material on “Design Thinking for Everything” by R. Bhima Danniswara, S.Sn., M.Ds., as a lecturer from the Bachelor in Visual Communication Design (BVCD) Study Program, which was then continued with practical practice. each student to apply the material that has been given.


On the second day, workshop participants were asked to explain the ideas they had created in front of other participants and practice how these ideas worked. The aim of using a teaching method like this is so that workshop participants not only understand the material provided, but can also implement the theory directly.

The industrial revolution has positive and negative values. One of the positive sides is in the field of education, especially the learning curriculum at the vocational and higher education levels. They are required to play an active role in the success and acceleration of the implementation of industry 4.0. The role of higher education is to become a forum or place for preparation and training for human resources (HR) as supporters of the industrial revolution. One of them is by providing skills directly related to problem solving, implementation and application development that support the acceleration of industry 4.0. In this case, universities, as the highest academic level and have the obligation to provide community service, can of course play an active role in providing training to anyone, both the public in general and academic practitioners and students in schools.

The other side of the industrial revolution was that it triggered the emergence of various problems in the world. Starting from environmental, social and other issues. These problems are increasingly disturbing the survival of humans and other living creatures. For this reason, there is a need for breakthroughs or new innovations that can help solve existing problems. One theory that supports solving problems is design thinking theory.

In supporting the government’s efforts, Telkom University Jakarta, especially the Bachelor of Visual Communication Design Study Program, actively participates in building collaboration with SMKN 1 Cimahi. In this community service, the focus is on bridging student productivity between departments at SMKN 1 Cimahi by providing training regarding the introduction of design thinking for everything.

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