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Stepping into a New World: Farewell Parties and Graduations Full of Memories

Every goodbye is the beginning of a new adventure. Likewise, with the farewell, Telkom University Jakarta D3 Telecommunications Engineering students held a lively farewell party and a graduation procession full of symbols.

Farewell parties are a moment to celebrate togetherness, reminisce about shared memories, and say farewells full of emotion. On Wednesday, November 22 2023, precisely at Telkom University Jakarta Campus A, together with the Academic Community of Telkom University Jakarta, especially the D3 Telecommunications Engineering Lecturers were present to express their love and support for the prospective graduates. The joy, laughter and tears of emotion involved every guest present at the event and created beautiful memories that will be immortalized.

Graduation Day arrives. Friday, November 24 2023, will be the peak moment for students to become graduates, students officially receive their respective education degrees according to the study program they are taking. Dressed in graduation robes and hats, they walked on stage with a sense of pride and emotion. Ceremonial transfer of the toga strap from left to right by the Chancellor of Telkom University, namely Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, S.Si., M.Si means that while they were students they used more of the left brain, where the left brain is dominant for memorizing and language, then the toga strap was moved to the right so that when the students had graduated from the university and entered society They will use more of the right brain which is dominant for imagination, creativity and innovation so that graduates are expected to be more independent and creative in the future.

After the series of graduation processions ended, the graduates and female graduates officially became Telkom University Alumni. With a total number of 4387 graduates and 61 of them were D3 Telecommunications Engineering graduates from Telkom University Jakarta, who were the first graduates from Telkom University Jakarta since it officially became Telkom University.

Congratulations to the graduates! Now, the world is waiting to see what great contributions you will make. Keep chasing your dreams and never hesitate to achieve your dreams. Good luck for the future!

Wisuda Universitas Telkom

Author: Siti Zakiyah | Editor: Husna Rahmi

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