Students Winning 2 OSSN Gold Medals (National Student Science Olympiad)

The National Science Championship Center ( which is supported by the Berlian Hati Mulia Foundation held OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad). This national level Olympic event will be held online from May-June 2023 and can be participated in by various levels of education starting from elementary school, middle school, high school and university students. The fields contested at student level include Biology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, English and Indonesian. The aim of the OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad) activities is as a venue for activities to hone the abilities of the young generation who excel and excel.

Student who won 2 OSSN Gold Medals (National Student Science Olympiad), Ricka Maulida

Ricka Maulida, a Telkom University Jakarta student majoring in Information Technology, won 2 gold medals at the same time in the OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad) in Mathematics & History with an A+ predicate. This success is an extraordinary achievement and can also be a very impressive experience and can be an inspiration for fellow students in participating in the Olympics in the future.

Rika expressed her happiness and emotion at successfully passing the exam in the OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad) event that she had passed. It is not easy to compete in this activity, because you have to compete with 471 participants in the field of Mathematics and 414 participants in the field of History from various universities in Indonesia. This struggle paid off when the announcement came out with very satisfying results, namely an A+ predicate. Rika’s motivation for participating in the Olympics is to upgrade and challenge herself for national level championships. With previous experience, having participated in OSSN (National Student Science Olympiad) in the field of astronomy in high school, this was a new challenge when he was a student. What must be prepared before taking part in this Olympics is to prepare oneself and be mentally strong as well as the materials that will be competed so that we can answer all the exams optimally. Apart from that, there were other challenges experienced starting from dividing time in answering questions as well as server down problems when answering these questions so you had to think quickly and calmly. Rika advised her colleagues to be able to take part in competitions as a way to upgrade their skills and broaden their knowledge and not be afraid to fight against themselves, and face all problems with confidence.

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